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We are so thankful to our wonderful Starfish U students and their kinds words, here are a few we would like to share:

"The Instructors have made the classes fun. They made my experience really great." 

"The loving and fun environment was well-appreciated."

"I enjoyed it and I was happy. I really improved myself."

"The course was great, very informational. I wasn't ready for it to be over. Job well done."

"It motivates me to stay haelthy throughout the week and seek out additional exercise (diet/exercise). Since starting Zumba I lost 18lbs!"

"[It] Made me more aware of how I learn and when I present I should be aware of all learning styles and not just mine."

"Awesome! Great class, great people involved."

"I enjoyed each class I took and it enhanced me professionally and personally."

"It's an excellent program offering great opportunities and support for the community. I love it!"

"I thought the computer class was going to be something simple, but I actually got a lot out of it."

"I am thankful for the knowledge, the people I have met from the courses. When I participate, I participate for myself. I am not participating as an employee, it is for myself, to improve myself. I am still growing and learning so that I can continue to grow personally for myself and my grandchildren."