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About Starfish University

So what is Starfish University? It’s our way of bringing together our current programming for parents as well as new opportunities all under one umbrella. Our goal is to provide parents with a range of classes, supports, conferences and events that will build confidence, knowledge, skills, and resources to get past barriers and support their children.


We understand that you may have a lot of questions about Starfish University! Here are some questions we often get asked:

Does it cost anything to be a Starfish University student? 

No, everything comes at no cost to you.

How long is each session? How often do sessions meet?

The length of time and how often your sessions meet vary from session to session. When you register, please note the days, times, and location of your sessions. Should anything change, the Office of Student Affairs will be in touch to update you on the schedule change.

What if I can’t attend a session and I’m already registered?

Please call the Office of Student Affairs at (734) 713-9253 to let them know as soon as possible.

Is child care provided while I attend my sessions?

Child care is not generally offered unless specified in the course description.

What is the class size?

The average class size varies. We try to keep class sizes small to help create a working relationship between the instructor and students, as well as create a community among other students.

What if my instructor cancels a session?

Your instructor will contact the Office of Student Affairs and inform them of the cancellation, then the office calls, emails, or text messages each student to alert them of the cancellation.

Will I receive proof that I attended a session/completed a major?

Yes! You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each session.

How can I use what I’ve learned at Starfish University?

That’s entirely up to you! Whether you pursued professional courses or creative enrichment sessions, you can put your new skills and talents to use anywhere. If you are inspired to pursue a college degree, trade, or professional certification, contact the Office of Student Affairs and we can help you figure out your next steps!